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DDZap - Deep Discharge Zap (basic set: WITHOUT Zapper / Fractal Enhancer)

1.799,00 €*

Disponibile, tempi di consegna: 1-2 Wochen

Codice prodotto: 011264
Info sui prodotti "DDZap - Deep Discharge Zap (basic set: WITHOUT Zapper / Fractal Enhancer)"

Delivery date expected June 19, 2024

The next generation of zapper and bioresonance technology 

  • Next generation zapper and bioresonance technology 
  •  New Deep Discharge technology 
  • Harmonization through microcurrents 
  • Extremely simple operation (insert chipcard - press start - off you go!) 
  • Bioresonance functions (inversion of information) 
  • patented grounding
  • patented Harmonical frequency ratios 
  • Tesla technology intensified by 1200 fractals 
  • Production of individual drops 
  • compatible with all Diamond Shield zappers 
  • optional bioenergetic testing with a tapper (sold separately) 

The Diamond Shield Zapper is the only zapper with patented grounding. Without grounding, radicals have been proven to form during zapper use, which can damage the body. 

The Deep Discharge Zap is the first to have a completely new technology that uses a special heavy alloy to intensify the grounding in order to remove loads very deep in the tissue. This has a more comprehensive effect than the usual bioresonance and also supports the effect of the Fractal Enhancer. 

The Harmonical Frequency Procedure comprises frequency ranges that are in a harmonic musical relationship to each other and thus develop an optimal application. 

The built-in Fractal Enhancer causes the information to be introduced up to 800% deeper into the organism. The 1200 fractals create vortices that spiral into the acupuncture points. 

ATTENTION: Not included in the scope of delivery, but absolutely necessary for the use of the DDZap: any Diamond Shield Zapper (Diamond Shield IE, Crystal, Professional) Diamond Shield Fractal Enhancer

Buy the complete set here 


Optional accessories: 

  •  Tapper 

 Available in a few weeks, expected June 17, 2024 

Made entirely in Germany from high-quality materials: 

  • CNC-milled, anodized aluminium 
  • Solid CNC-milled brass cups 
  •  2 kilogram bronze base plate 

Total weight: 3.5 kilograms

Scope of delivery: 

  •  DDZap
  • Carrying case (expected to be delivered at the end of August)
  • 2x beaker 
  • 1x MineralVit Gold
  • DDZ Chipcard Standard
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